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Hydnophlebia chrysorhizon, Bresadolia, Trametella trogii, and Trametella gallica.

Antrodia and Antrodiella.

Tackling the mess that is Sebacina, Sebacinaceae, Sebacinacales, also Serendipitaceae.

New records and species pages for Chicago Region: Dentocorticium portoricense and Trametopsis cervina.

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Building pages for the many different kinds of macro-fungi in the Chicago area. These are a few examples of species pages. There are also higher level pages from Kingdom down to genus. For example: Cantharellus, Hypocrea, Stereum, and Trametes. For all of the fungi pages see the Guide Site Map.

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The April 2017 issue of Chicago Magazine has a feature article on Patrick: Do You Know the Mushroom Man? Also see side article: Where to Go Mushroom Hunting In and Around Chicago.

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