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Currently working on the 18 family pages for the Polyporales. For all the content see Guide Site Map.

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Building pages for the many different kinds of macro-fungi in the Chicago area. These are examples of the first species pages. There are also higher level pages from Kingdom down to genus. For example: Cantharellus, Hypocrea, Stereum, and Trametes. For all of the fungi pages see the Guide Site Map.


There are 21 Orders for the Class Agaricomycetes (the mushroom forming fungi). Half of these groups were described after the start of DNA analysis, many of them within the last ten years, as multigene methods improved. Check out who's who in these pages below.

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The April 2017 issue of Chicago Magazine has a feature article on Patrick: Do You Know the Mushroom Man? Also see side article: Where to Go Mushroom Hunting In and Around Chicago.

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