Cook County, Illinois

The city of Chicago is located in Cook County, Illinois. Outside the city is a large network of parklands that are managed by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. Many of our research sites are located in Cook County. We also visit some preserves regularly with the Illinois Mycological Association.

Map of Cook County, Illinois

This map shows the major research sites for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Map of Cook County showing collection sites.
Table of major research sites of Cook County.
The sites marked * are not currently visited.
Cook County Site plots visits years observations
An observation is a record of a particular species at a particular location on a particular day. A survey of a plot with 40 quadrats produces multiple observations of common species on the same visit. A collection is a preserved specimen that documents a species presence.
Swallow Cliff Woods 5 130 16 13,715
Cap Sauers Holdings * 2 55 7 3,610
Green Lake Savanna * 1 18 7 660
Powderhorn Prairie * 1 12 4 437
Busse Forest *   17 8 423
Deer Grove West *   6 6 392
St. Mihiel Preserve   12 10 501