Order Pezizales J. Schröt.

Natürl. Pflanzenfam.: 173 (1894)

Type: Peziza Dill. ex Fr. 1822

This order contains 16 families. Classification follows Lumbsch and Huhndorf (2010). The genera known for the Chicago Region are listed below.

  1. Ascobolaceae
  2. Ascodesmidaceae
  3. Caloscyphaceae
  4. Carbomycetaceae
  5. Chorioactidaceae
  6. Discinaceae (Gyromitra)
  7. Glaziellaceae
  8. Helvellaceae (Helvella)
  9. Karstenellaceae
  10. Morchellaceae (Morchella, Verpa)
  11. Pezizaceae (Peziza)
  12. Pyronemataceae (Aleuria, Humaria, Jafnea, Scutellinia)
  13. Rhizinaceae
  14. Sarcoscyphaceae (Microstoma, Sarcoscypha)
  15. Sarcosomataceae (Galiella, Urnula)
  16. Tuberaceae (Tuber)
  17. genera of uncertain placement
Lumbsch and Huhndorf (2010) states: Hibbett et al. (2007) showed that the correct authority of this ordinal name is J. Schröt. and not C. Bessey.
Index Fungorum states: Editorial comment: Type cited as 'Unterreihe (Ordnung) Pezizineae'; Orthography corrected by Underwood (1896).
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Lumbsch, H.T. & S.H. Huhndorf. 2010. Myconet Volume 14. Part One. Outline of Ascomycota—2009. Part Two. Notes on Ascomycete Systematics. Nos. 4751–5113. Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences Number 1:1-64. PDF 1.13 MB
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