Genus Tuber P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg.

Primitiae Florae Holsaticae: 1-112 (1780)

Type: Tuber aestivum Vittad., Monographia Tuberacearum: 38 (1831)

Tuber is the primary genus of the true truffles. The common name of truffle is derived from the Latin name Tuber. There are two or more species found in the Chicago Region.

  1. Tuber dryophilum (one possible Chicago collection)
  2. Tuber rufum (four possible Chicago collections)
Bonito et al. (2010) found nine clades (groups) within the genus.
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Bonito, G., J.M. Trappe, P. Rawlinson, R. Vilgalys. 2010. Improved resolution of major clades within Tuber and taxonomy of species within the Tuber gibbosum complex. Mycologia 102: 1042-57.
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