Genus Hypocrea Fr.

Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 104 (1825)

Type: Hypocrea rufa (Pers.) Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 383 (1849)

Genus Trichoderma Pers.

Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 92 (1794)

Type: Trichoderma viride Pers., Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 92 (1794)

Sanctioning citation: Fr., Systema mycologicum 3(1): 215 (1829)

Trichoderma is the genus name for the anamorph (asexual) stage. The name Hypocrea represents the teleomorph (sexual or perfect) stage. The previous dual naming system under the rules of nomenclature ended in 2013. It has not yet been decided and fixed whether the older name of Trichoderma will take priority over the name Hypocrea. Below are the species reported for the Chicago Region. Some of these identifications are tentative. Many Hypocrea are more reliably identified from characters of the anamorph stage (typically a green mold).

  1. Hypocrea unknown spp. (17 collections)
  2. Hypocrea avellanea (on Gymnopus subnudus)
  3. Hypocrea chromosperma group (H. gelatinosa is European)
  4. Hypocrea aff. citrina
  5. Hypocrea cf. lutea
  6. Hypocrea aff. pulvinata
  7. Hypocrea rufa
  8. Hypocrea cf. schweinitzii (anamorph = T. citrinoviride)
  9. Hypocrea sulphurea (on Exidia)
The systematics of this group are undergoing changes as a result of molecular sequencing and the needed stabilization of older names.
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Which generic name you prefer: Trichoderma or Hypocrea?: International Subcommission on Trichoderma and Hypocrea (ISTH)
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