Genus Entonaema A. Möller

Botanische Mittheilungen aus den Tropen 9: 306 (1901). Emended in Stadler et al. (2008).

Type: Entonaema liquescens A. Möller, Botanische Mittheilungen aus den Tropen 9: 307 (1901)

This is an odd genus; the stromata (structure with embedded perithecia) are swollen and filled with liquid, then hollow when dry and shrinking. They are saprobes on decayed wood. The six species are listed below with distribution (Stadler et al. 2008).

  1. Entonaema cinnabarinum, Africa (Congo), Australia, New Caledonia, Asia (Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka); America (Costa Rica, Mexico), Bulgaria, France, and Iran.
  2. Entonaema dengii, Hainan Island, China.
  3. Entonaema globosum, Mexico.
  4. Entonaema liquescens, Africa (Uganda), Americas (Kansas to Argentina), Asia (China, Thailand). Not yet recorded from Europe and Australia.
  5. Entonaema moluccanum, North Moluccas of Indonesia.
  6. Entonaema siamensis, Thailand.
DNA phylogeny shows Entonaema liquescens to be located between two clades of Daldinia.
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