Order Amylocorticiales K.H. Larss., Manfr. Binder & Hibbett

This recently described order currently has one family.

  1. Amylocorticiaceae

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  • Amylocorticiales K.H. Larss., Manfr. Binder & Hibbett, Mycologia 102 (4): 871 (2010). Type: Amylocorticium Pouzar 1959.
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Binder, M., K-H. Larsson, P. B. Matheny, D. S. Hibbett. 2010. Amylocorticiales ord. nov. and Jaapiales ord. nov.: Early diverging clades of Agaricomycetidae dominated by corticioid forms. Mycologia 102 (4): 865-880. DOI: 10.3852/09-288
Hibbett, D. S., R. Bauer, M. Binder, A.J. Giachini, K. Hosaka, A. Justo, E. Larsson, K.H. Larsson, J.D. Lawrey, O. Miettinen, L. Nagy, R.H. Nilsson, M. Weiss, and R.G. Thorn. 2014. Agaricomycetes. Pp. 373–429 In: Systematics and Evolution, Second Edition, The Mycota VII Part A. (D. J. McLaughlin and J. W. Spatafora, Eds.), Springer Verlag. [Chapter 14 and complete volume PDF at Hibbett Lab Publications.]
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