Order Atheliales Jülich

Bibliotheca Mycologica 85: 343 (1981)

Type: Athelia Pers. 1822

This order is the sister group to the Boletales. In a broad sense it included 22 genera and a bit more than 100 species but some species were found to belong instead in Agaricales, Amylocorticiales, Cantharellales, and Polyporales. The position of the Lepidostromataceae was unclear but was recently assigned to its own order.

Tree of Life (2004) ; Wikipedia.
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Family Atheliaceae Jülich

Bibliotheca Mycologica 85: 355 (1981)

Type: Athelia Pers. 1822

There is one family at present. Most members are thin poorly differentiated crusts. The group includes saprobes (white rot), common mycorrhizal genera, and a termite symbiont. Other species are parasites on algae and lichens. Some of the genera are listed below. There is an old specimen from Cook County (circa 1900) identified as Athelia arachnoidea (Wikipedia).

  1. Amphinema
  2. Athelia (and anamorph Fibulorhizoctonia)
  3. Athelopsis
  4. Byssocorticium
  5. Leptosporomyces
  6. Piloderma
  7. Stereopsis
  8. Tretomyces
  9. Tylospora
This family requires revision of genus concepts as new species and lineages are being described.
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