Order Auriculariales J. Schröt.

Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien: 382 (1897)

Type: Auricularia Bull. 1780

This order contains about 20 genera. Most of these are jelly fungi with variously septate basidia (one genus non-septate). For order Auriculariales the following jelly fungi are known for the Chicago Region. They are saprobes. Pseudohydnum has not yet been recorded for Chicago Region.

  1. Auricularia
  2. Ductifera
  3. Exidia
  4. Myxarium
Auricularia has transversely septate basidia. Ductifera and Exidia have longitudinally septate basidia. Myxarium was resurrected out of Exidia. The family Auriculariaceae may be expanded to include the Aporpiaceae and Exidiaceae. Several other clades (one including Ductifera) lack family names.
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