Genus Geastrum Pers.

Neues Mag. Bot. 1: 85 (1794)

Sanctioning citation: Persoon, C.H. Synopsis Methodica Fungorum 1: 131 (1801)

Type: Geastrum pectinatum Pers., Syn. meth. fung. (Göttingen) 1: 132 (1801)

The major group of earthstars, Geastrum is a large genus with species sorted into numerous subgenera and sections. Below are the species we have identified for the Chicago Region. There might be some additions with further work because there are other species found in the Upper Midwest, such as in Wisconsin. The second list has names that were used in the Chicago Region and their current status.

  1. Geastrum fimbriatum, (Geastrum sessile).
  2. Geastrum minimum.
  3. Geastrum morganii.
  4. Geastrum pectinatum.
  5. Geastrum rufescens (Geastrum vulgatum, Geaster rufescens).
  6. Geastrum saccatum (Geaster saccatus).
  7. Geastrum schmidelii (Geaster schmidelii).
  8. Geastrum smardae (Geaster limbatus sensu Bresadola).
  9. Geastrum triplex (Geastrum indicum, Geaster triplex).
The genus name itself has seven synonyms though the only one that may be familiar is that of Geaster, which was used in older works (e.g., Moffatt 1923) during a time with a different starting date for nomenclature of fungal names.
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Note. Patrick wrote a key to these earthstars for the Chicago Region.