Family Hymenochaetaceae Imazeki & Toki

Bulletin of the Government Forest Experimental Station Meguro 67: 24 (1954)

Type: Hymenochaete Lév. 1846

This is a group of polypore brackets and poroid crusts. The brown flesh turns blackish with KOH.

  1. Fulvifomes (Phellinus)
  2. Fuscoporia (Phellinus)
  3. Hydnochaete
  4. Hymenochaete (H. rubiginosa)
  5. Hymenochaetopsis (H. tabacina)
  6. Inocutis (Inonotus)
  7. Inonotus
  8. Phellinopsis (Phellinus)
  9. Phellinus
  10. Phylloporia (Phellinus)
  11. Pseudoinonotus (Inonotus)
The DNA phylogeny of this clade is roughly equivalent to the Family Hymenochaetaceae with the exclusion of Coltricia and Coltriciella. The species Hymenochaete tabacina falls outside of the clade Hymenochaete and was given a new genus name Pseudochaete but this name is illegitimate because there was already a genus Pseudochaete for algae. For a recent phylogeny and explanation of the segregated genera see Wagner and Fischer (2002).
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Wagner and Fischer, 2002. Proceedings towards a natural classification of the worldwide taxa Phellinus s.l. and Inonotus s.l., and phylogenetic relationships of allied genera. Mycologia 94(6): 998-1016.
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