Order Hysterangiales K. Hosaka & Castellano

Mycologia 98 (6): 956 (2007)

Type: Hysterangiaceae E. Fischer, Die Naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien 1(1**):304, 1899.

This order has four families with 15 to 18 genera and 110 or more species. The species are sequestrate (gastroid agarics). Most form ectomycorrhizae except for Phallogastraceae, which are saprobes. Some genera are polyphyletic and occur in more than one family. The species names given below are the type species for their respective genera. None of the genera have been documented for the Chicago Region. Many years ago Leacock found Phallogaster saccatus in Minnesota.

  1. Gallaceaceae
    • Austrogautieria macrospora
    • Gallacea scleroderma
    • Hallingea purpurea
  2. Hysterangiaceae
    • Aroramyces gelatinosporus
    • Boninogaster phalloides
    • Circulocolumella hahashimensis
    • Clathrogaster vulvarius
    • Hysterangium clathroides
  3. Mesophelliaceae
    • Andebbia pachythrix
    • Castoreum radicatum
    • Chondrogaster pachysporus
    • Gummiglobus joyceae
    • Gummivena potorooi
    • Malajczukia viridigleba
    • Mesophellia arenaria
    • Nothocastoreum cretaceum
  4. Phallogastraceae
    • Phallogaster saccatus
    • Protubera maracuja
The family Trappeaceae was previously included in this order but Hosaka et al. (2006) showed that Trappea is polyphyletic and that the type species of both genera Trappea darkeri and Phallobata alba are part of the order Phallales. The Trappea species remaining in Hysterangiales (for example those that are part of Phallogastraceae) will need to be transferred to some other genus.
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Tree of Life (2008) ; Wikipedia.
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