Order Lepidostromatales B.P. Hodk. & Lücking


This is a small group of recently clarified basidio-lichens. They differ from related orders by having a clavarioid fruitbody with a lichenized basal thallus (squamules). The associated algal type (photobiont) is chlorococcoid rather than the coccomyxoid type of Multiclavula (Cantharellales).

  1. Lepidostromataceae

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  • Lepidostromatales B.P. Hodk. & Lücking, Fungal Diversity 64 (1): 174 (2014). Type: Lepidostroma Mägd. & S. Winkl. 1967.
See the Wikipedia page for a good discussion of the taxonomic history.
basidiolichen research at Lawrey Lab
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