Order Polyporales Gäum.

Vergleichende Morphologie der Pilze: 503 (1926)

Type: Polyporus P. Micheli ex Adans. 1763

This is the main group of the polypores but some are found in other orders. There are other mushroom types included here besides poroid forms.

  1. Antrodia clade, includes Antrodia, Dacryobolus, Daedalea, Fomitopsis, Laetiporus, Phaeolus, Postia, Sarcoporia
  2. Phlebioid clade, includes Bjerkandera, Byssomerulius, Ceriporia, Climacodon, Crustodontia, Gloeoporus, Hapalopilus, Hydnophlebia, Irpex, Mycoacia, Phanerochaete, Phlebia (Merulius), Phlebiopsis (Hjortstamia), Trametopsis
  3. Polyporoid clade, includes Cryptoporus, Daedaleopsis, Datronia, Favolus, Fomes, Ganoderma, Globifomes, Lentinus, Lopharia, Microporellus, Neofavolus, Perenniporia, Polyporellus, Polyporus, Trametella, Trametes, Truncospora
  4. Residual clade, includes Abortiporus, Antrodiella, Cerrena, Etheirodon, Hyphoderma, Hypochnicium, Ischnoderma, Junghuhnia, Loweomyces, Meripilus, Mycorrhaphium, Panus, Spongipellis, Steccherinum
  5. Other clades, includes Grifola, Skeletocutis, Tyromyces and others
The traditional families need to be revised.
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Tree of Life (2007) ; Wikipedia ; In April 2013 Otto Miettinen built out the Polypore page on Wikipedia. As with Alfredo Justo’s Volvopluteus pages, this was submitted in response to the FESIN-sponsored competition for travel awards to the MSA meeting in Austin Texas.
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