Family Cerrenaceae Miettinen, Justo & Hibbett

in Justo, Miettinen, Floudas, Ortiz-Santana, Sjökvist, Lindner, Nakasone, Niemelä, Larsson, Ryvarden & Hibbett, Fungal Biology 121(9): 817 (2017)

Type: Cerrena Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. (London) 1: 649 (1821)

This new family is a sister clade to the new family of Panaceae.

  1. Cerrena, C. unicolor (widespread)
  2. Irpiciporus (Cuba, Guadeloupe, Japan)
  3. Pseudolagarobasidium (Africa, Asia, Australia, and Central and South America)
  4. Radulodon, R. americanus (Canada and northern USA), R. casearius (southern USA)
  5. Rigidoporus vinctus species complex (banana pathogen)
  6. Spongipellis in part: S. delectans, S. litschaueri, S. pachyodon, S. unicolor; but not its type S. spumeus
Radulodon americanus is the type species of Radulodon. This clade contains some taxa currently named Radulodon and Spongipellis which will require new genus names as they are not related to the type species of these genera. The type species Spongipellis spumeus is unplaced within the residual polyporoid clade.
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