Family Incrustoporiaceae Jülich

Bibliotheca Mycologica 85: 373 (1981)

Type: Fomitopsis P. Karst. 1881

This family is outside of the antrodia clade. Tyromyces chioneus is common around the Chicago Region.

  1. Incrustoporia
  2. Piloporia
  3. Skeletocutis, S. nivea
  4. Tyromyces, T. chioneus

Species reported for Chicago in Moffatt (1909) that are not confirmed:

Further work is required to establish the limits of these genera.
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Justo, A., O. Miettinen, D. Floudas, B. Ortiz-Santana, E. Sjökvist, D. Lindner, K. K. Nakasone, T. Niemelä, K.-H. Larsson, L. Ryvarden, D.S. Hibbett, A revised family-level classification of the Polyporales (Basidiomycota). 2017. Fungal Biology 121(9): 798-824.
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