Genus Gloeoporus Mont.

Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 17: 126 (1842)

Type: Gloeoporus conchoides Mont., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 17: 126 (1842); a later synonym of Boletus thelephoroides Hook., Synopsis Plantarum 1: 10 (1822)

Effused or effused-reflexed poroid crust with a gelationous pore layer that stretches when fresh.

  1. Gloeoporus dichrous, on hardwoods, usually effused-reflexed (with clamps).
  2. Gloeoporus taxicola, on conifers, mostly resupinate (without clamps).

The members of this genus require further DNA phylogeny work to determine who stays and who goes. Gloeoporus dichrous may need a new genus name but it is not Gelatoporia.

Gloeoporus has a continuous hymenial layer over the pores, a feature shared with some other phlebioid taxa, unlike Gelatoporia subvermispora that has differentiated dissepiment edges (tube mouths). This feature is part of the reason Niemelä (1985) could not place Ge. subvermispora in Gloeoporus.

The phylogeneitc work of Binder et al. (2013) and earlier papers shows Gelatoporia subvermispora (type species of that genus) to be outside the phlebioid clade far removed from Gl. taxicola and Gl. dichrous. Justo et al. (2017) made Gelatoporiaceae. However Gl. dichrous is not apparently directly related to Gl. taxicola but instead next to Gloeoporus pannocinctus (another taxon that cannot be kept in Gelatoporia). This was pointed out in Rajchenberg (2011, p. 696). Further work is needed to sort out relationships. The type species for Gloeoporus, Gl. thelephoroides needs to be included in DNA phylogenies to see its placement.

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