Family Ischnodermataceae Jülich

[ischnoderma clade]

Index Fungorum (2017) shows nine species currently in Ischnoderma. They are wood decay fungi producing a white rot. There are two species in North America: I. benzoinum favoring conifers (gymnosperms) and I. resinosum favoring hardwoods (angiosperms). Some authors treat these two as one species.

  1. Ischnoderma, I. benzoinum, I. resinosum

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  • Ischnodermataceae Jülich, Bibliotheca Mycologica 85: 374 (1981). Type: Ischnoderma P. Karst. 1879.
Ischnoderma has an isolated position within the Polyporales (Justo et al. 2017).
Justo, A., O. Miettinen, D. Floudas, B. Ortiz-Santana, E. Sjökvist, D. Lindner, K. K. Nakasone, T. Niemelä, K.-H. Larsson, L. Ryvarden, D.S. Hibbett. 2017. A revised family-level classification of the Polyporales (Basidiomycota), Fungal Biology 121(9): 798-824. DOI: 10.1016/j.funbio.2017.05.010 [PDF available at Justo Publications]
Index Fungorum

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