Genus Hydnophlebia Parmasto

Izv. Akad. Nauk Khazaksk. SSR: 384 (1967)

Type: Hydnum chrysorhizon Torr., Manual Bot., ed. 3: 309 (1822)

This genus was reintroduced by Ryvarden et al. (2005). Further work is needed on possible cryptic species (Floudas and Hibbett 2015, Telleria et al. 2017).

  1. Hydnophlebia canariensis, Macaronesian Islands (North Atlantic Ocean).
  2. Hydnophlebia chrysorhizon, North America, South America, Africa, Japan.
  3. Hydnophlebia gorgonea, Macaronesian Islands.
  4. Hydnophlebia meloi, Macaronesian Islands.
  5. Hydnophlebia omnivora, southwestern USA and Florida, Uruguay.
The genus was previously part of Phanerochaete.
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