Genus Globifomes Murrill

Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 31 (8): 421 (1904)

Type species: Boletus graveolens Schwein., Schriften der Berlinische Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde 1: 97 (1822)

This is a monotypic genus, meaning it contains a single species.

  1. Globifomes graveolens has a very tight cluster of imbricate caps.
The genus Globifomes has traditionally been included in the Polyporaceae. Its microscopic characters are very similar to Fomes fomentarius. But I have not found evidence (yet) that it has been included in any molecular phylogeny of the polypores. The genus has no DNA sequence listed in Genbank. In a search across all the NCBI databases the only entry found is one IMA Fungus publication where Globifomes Murrill (1904) is listed among 6995 names in a proposed List of Protected Generic Names for Fungi.
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