Genus Perenniporia Murrill

Mycologia 34(5): 595 (1942)

Type: Polyporus unitus Pers., Mycologia Europaea 2: 93 (1825); a later synonym of Boletus medulla-panis Jacq., Miscellanea austriaca ad botanicum, chemiam et historiam naturalem spectantia 1: 141, t. 11 (1778)

This worldwide genus has more than 60 species. Gilbertson and Ryvarden (1987) describe 19 species for North America but since then the genus has been split into multiple genera, including Perenniporiella and Truncospora. There are several known for the Chicago Region, including the newly documented P. robinioiphila from hackberry. It is possible that more species can be found here. The small species Perenniporia ohiensis has been moved back to Truncospora.

  1. Perenniporia fraxinea is a broad bracket on ash and other hardwoods.
  2. Perenniporia fraxinophila is a thick hard conk on ash.
  3. Perenniporia medulla-panis is a resupinate species, historic records.
  4. Perenniporia robiniophila is a soft white conk on locust and hackberry.
  5. Perenniporia subacida is a resupinate species, historic records.
  6. Perenniporia tenuis is a resupinate species, historic records.
Perenniporia is in the core polyporoid clade. However the species are not all related to the type species. So expect more name changes in the future. Ganoderma seems to be related.
I wanted to know how the genus was published in 1942 by Murrill but the type species combination was made in 1967 by Donk. This is typically done when the genus is published. Here is the explanation. Murrill listed two species for his new genus, the first being P. unita (Pers.) Murrill, taken to represent the type species. Polyporus unitus Pers. 1825 was sanctioned in 1828 by Fries, Elenchus fungorum 1:116. But this taxon is a synonym of an earlier name also sanctioned by Fries: Boletus medulla-panis Jacq. 1778, sanctioned as Polyporus medulla-panis (Jacq.) Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 380 (1821). So the type species is Perenniporia medulla-panis (Jacq. : Fr.) Donk (1967).
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Gilbertson, R. L., L. Ryvarden. 1987. North American Polypores. Volume 2: Megasporoporia - Wrightoporia. Fungiflora, Oslo, Norway. 452 pp.
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