Family Sparassidaceae Herter

in Warnstorf et al., Krypt.-Fl. Brandenburg (Leipzig) 6(1): 167 (1910)

Type: Sparassis Fr. 1819

Sparassis has not been recorded in the Chicago Region. MycoPortal (2017) has one specimen of S. crispa and one observation of S. spathulata in southern Illinois, four records for Indiana of S. spathulata, and two Sparassis collections for Wisconsin. These are the two species in the Midwest and also eastern North America. S. radicata is the species in western North America. Sparassis americana, described by Petersen in 2013, is found in the east and Arizona.

  1. Sparassis, S. americana, S. crispa, S. radicata, S. spathulata

Unplaced genera

Further work is required to decide whether the genera Crustoderma, Pycnoporellus, and Sarcoporia belong in this family or not (Justo et al. 2017).
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