Family Steccherinaceae Parmasto

[part of residual clade of Polyporales]

This family contains polypores with pores and other forms with a toothed hymenium. Most of the genera of this family are listed below, with known species for the Chicago Region.

  1. Antella
  2. Antrodiella, A. cf. semisupina
  3. Atraporiella
  4. Austeria
  5. Butyrea
  6. Cabalodontia
  7. Caudicicola
  8. Chaetoporus, Junghuhnia nitida
  9. Citripora
  10. Etheirodon, E. fimbriatum
  11. Flabellophora
  12. Flaviporus
  13. Frantisekia
  14. Junghuhnia
  15. Lamelloporus
  16. Loweomyces
  17. Metuloidea
  18. Mycorrhaphium, M. adustum
  19. Niemelaea
  20. Nigroporus
  21. Steccherinum, S. ochraceum
  22. Trulla
  23. Xanthoporus

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  • Steccherinaceae Parmasto, Conspectus Systematis Corticiacearum: 169 (1968). Type: Steccherinum Gray 1821.
Miettinen and Ryvarden (2016) introduced new genera to segregate the polyphyletic Antrodiella, Junghuhnia, and Steccherinum.
Justo, A., O. Miettinen, D. Floudas, B. Ortiz-Santana, E. Sjökvist, D. Lindner, K. K. Nakasone, T. Niemelä, K.-H. Larsson, L. Ryvarden, D.S. Hibbett. 2017. A revised family-level classification of the Polyporales (Basidiomycota), Fungal Biology 121(9): 798-824. DOI: 10.1016/j.funbio.2017.05.010 [PDF available at Justo Publications]
Miettinen O., E. Larsson, E. Sjökvist, K-H. Larsson. 2012. Comprehensive taxon sampling reveals unaccounted diversity and morphological plasticity in a group of dimitic polypores (Polyporales, Basidiomycota). Cladistics 28: 251–270. DOI: 10.1111/j.1096-0031.2011.00380.x
Miettinen, O., and L. Ryvarden. 2016. Polypore genera Antella, Austeria, Butyrea, Citripora, Metuloidea and Trulla (Steccherinaceae, Polyporales). Annales Botanici Fennici 53:157–172. DOI: 10.5735/085.053.0403.
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