Genus Antrodiella Ryvarden & I. Johans.

A preliminary polypore flora of East Africa: 256 (1980)

Type: Polyporus semisupinus Berk. & M.A. Curtis, Grevillea 1 (4): 50 (1872)

Many are successor species that grow on wood decayed by another fungus and may grow on the old fruitbodies of that fungus. Ryvarden and Gilbertson (1993): Remarkable is the association of a number of species in Antrodiella to dead basidiocarps of other polypores and corticoid species, or at least to wood attacked by such fungi. The reason for this connection is not known.

  1. Antrodiella angulatopora, Venezuela.
  2. Antrodiella brunneimontana, Malaysia.
  3. Antrodiella canadensis (A. overholtsii), North America, Europe, on gymnosperms.
  4. Antrodiella citrinella, Europe; on gymnosperms with Fomitopsis pinicola.
  5. Antrodiella citripileata, China.
  6. Antrodiella depauperata, Solomon Islands, on bamboo.
  7. Antrodiella diffluens , Malaysia.
  8. Antrodiella ellipsospora, Russia, on gymnosperms.
  9. Antrodiella faginea, Europe; China as A. micra; on angiosperms with Hymenochaetaceae.
  10. Antrodiella flava, Malaysia.
  11. Antrodiella flavitubus, Solomon Islands.
  12. Antrodiella foliaceodentata, Russia, Europe, on angiosperms.
  13. Antrodiella globospora, Japan.
  14. Antrodiella ichnusana, Europe.
  15. Antrodiella incrustans, eastern USA.
  16. Antrodiella indica, India.
  17. Antrodiella induratus, Saint Helena.
  18. Antrodiella lactea, China.
  19. Antrodiella leucoxantha, eastern USA; Europe as A. genistae; lectotype from Virginia on black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia).
  20. Antrodiella mollis, Brazil, on angiosperm.
  21. Antrodiella multipileata, Brazil.
  22. Antrodiella murrillii, ?Belize, Costa Rica.
  23. Antrodiella nanospora, China, on angiosperm.
  24. Antrodiella negligenda, Malaysia.
  25. Antrodiella onychoides, Europe, on angiosperms.
  26. Antrodiella pachycheiles, eastern USA, red maple, birch.
  27. Antrodiella pallasii, Europe, ?North America, on gymnosperms with Trichaptum abietinum.
  28. Antrodiella pallescens, (A. beschidica, A. farinacea), Europe; on angiosperms (also fir) with with Fomes fomentarius.
  29. Antrodiella parasitica, Europe, on gymnosperms with Trichaptum abietinum.
  30. Antrodiella pendulina, China.
  31. Antrodiella perennis, China, on angiosperm.
  32. Antrodiella pirumspora, France, on angiosperms with Trametella trogii.
  33. Antrodiella rata, New Zealand.
  34. Antrodiella reflexa, Panama, on angiosperm.
  35. Antrodiella romellii, Europe, Russia; on angiosperms [name possibly misapplied in America by Gilb. & Ryv. 1986 to a taxon on gymnosperms].
  36. Antrodiella semistipitata, Italy, on angiosperms.
  37. Antrodiella semisupina s.s., North America, (type likely on oak) [wide taxon concept in Gilb. & Ryv. 1986].
  38. Antrodiella serpula (A. hoehnelii), Europe; on angiosperms with Inonotus radiatus.
  39. Antrodiella stipitata, China.
  40. Antrodiella subcrassa, Tasmania.
  41. Antrodiella subligativa, Malaysia.
  42. Antrodiella subradula, Russia.
  43. Antrodiella subscutellata, Jamaica.
  44. Antrodiella thompsonii, Ontario, Canada, on aspen.
  45. Antrodiella tuberculata, Mexico, on angiosperm.
  46. Antrodiella versicutis, Cuba, Gulf Coast USA, on angiosperms.
  47. Antrodiella xanthochroa, Malaysia.
  1. Antella americana, eastern North America,; on angiosperms with Hymenochaetopsis tabacina.
  2. Antella chinensis, China, on angiosperm.
  3. Antella niemelaei, northern Europe, ?Russia; on angiosperms with Hymenochaetopsis tabacina.
  1. Frantisekia abieticola, China, on gymnosperm.
  2. Frantisekia fissiliformis, eastern USA, on angiosperms, [see Gilb. & Ryv. 1987, p. 808].
  3. Frantisekia mentschulensis, Europe, on angiosperms.
  4. Frantisekia ussurii, China, Russia, on angiosperms.
Trametes subscutellata (Murrill 1910) is kept separate from Antrodiella semisupina fide Miettinen et al. (2006). Some synonymy on Index Fungorum does not agree with the work of Miettinen et al. (2006). Certain Antrodiella have been moved to Antella, Austeria, Metuloidea, Steccherinum, Trametopsis, and Trulla. More species will be likley transferred to other genera with further research.
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Miettinen, O., T. Niemelä, W. Spirin. 2006. Northern Antrodiella species: the identity of A. semisupina, and type studies of related taxa Mycotaxon 96: 211–239.
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