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Hericium cirrhatum (Pers. : Fr.) Nikol.

Trudy Botanicheskogo Instituta Akademii Nauk SSSR. Seriia 2, 5:343. 1950.

tiered tooth; spine-face.
Epithet = curly hairs or fringed. Genus = hedgehog.
Annual, imbricate (tiered or layered) brackets with teeth. Cap often scaly.
Similar species:
Climacodon pulcherrimus is matted hairy on top, somewhat resembling a Trametes. Climacodon septentrionalis is typically in large overlapping clusters on maple. Spongipellis pachyodon has flattened teeth and angular pores.
Saprobe on live and dead hardwoods.
Apparently summer and fall. The Chicago record is from 31 July 2010.
Found in Europe and rare in North America. Some sources say its presence in North America is debatable, but the few herbarium records online include ones by A.H. Smith (Colorado) and Chuck Barrows (New Mexico). Is it possible that the American collections are actually Climacodon pulcherrimus? Microscopic examination would answer the question.
Chicago Region status:
Originally placed in Hydnum for having teeth. Its relationship to Hericium was not realized for 150 years. It was also transferred to Dryodon (1886) and Steccherinum (1963).
Specimens examined:
F has an 1898 specimen from Decatur, Iowa. There are NAMA collections from Illinois and Missouri (1999), Texas (2000), and Minnesota (2001).
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The Nikolajeva paper citation is listed two ways. Index Fungorum: Nikol., Acta Inst. Bot. Acad. Sci. USSR Plant. Crypt., Ser. II 6: 343 (1950). Mycobank: Nikol., Trudy bot. Inst. Akad. Nauk. SSR, II: 343 (1950).