Order Thelephorales Corner ex Oberwinkler

Sydowia 28 (1-6): 361 (1976)

Type: Thelephora Ehrh. ex Willd. 1787

This order contains toothed fungi, pored fungi, ground fans, and crust fungi. Nearly all species are thought to be mycorrhizal. There are two families and these have a dozen genera in North America. There are about twenty species in the Chicago Region from five genera.

  1. Bankeraceae (Bankera, Boletopsis, Hydnellum, Phellodon, Sarcodon)
  2. Thelephoraceae (Amaurodon, Odontia, Polyozellus, Pseudotomentella, Thelephora, Tomentella, Tomentellopsis)
Phylogenetic studies suggest this order is the sister group to Polyporales.
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