Order Trechisporales K.H. Larss.

Mycological Research 111(5): 541 (2007)

Type: Trechispora P. Karst. 1890

This order contains one family.

Tree of Life (2004) ; Wikipedia.
Taxon links:
501301 MycoBank ; Index Fungorum

Family Hydnodontaceae Jülich

Bibliotheca Mycologica 85: 372 (1981)

Type: Hydnodon Banker, Mycologia 5 (6): 297 (1913)

The family name Trechisporaceae is floating around on the internet but is not an official name.

Taxon links:
81729 MycoBank ; Index Fungorum

This group is poorly known for the Chicago Region, with two of the genera identified. For Brevicellicium see IMA Fungus. Jul 2013; 4(1): 21–28. For Trechispora see details on T. mollusca by K.H. Larsson 1994, at MycoBank.

  1. Brevicellicium
  2. Fibrodontia
  3. Luellia
  4. Porpomyces
  5. Sistotremastrum
  6. Subulicium (possibly)
  7. Subulicystidium
  8. Trechispora (including Cristelloporia, Hydnodon, Scytinopogon)
  9. Tubulicium
The order was published in a paper with 67 authors. Sistotremastrum may belong in its own, yet formally unnamed, family.
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