Class Tremellomycetes Doweld

Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum, Tentamen systematis plantarum vascularium (Tracheophyta): LXXVII (2001)

This class now contains five orders. X.-Z. Liu et al. (2015) proposed a classification based on the phylogenetic analyses from a seven-genes dataset; this includes seven new families and 18 new genera. Several jelly fungi in the Tremellales are recorded for Chicago. The other four orders not treated further here.

  1. Cystofilobasidiales (group basal in this class)
  2. Filobasidiales (Syzygospora in the strict sense)
  3. Holtermanniales (Holtermanniella is a yeast; Holtermannia in tropics)
  4. Tremellales (Sirobasidium, Tremella, Phaeotremella, other jelly fungi, yeasts, and collybia jelly Carcinomyces)
  5. Trichosporonales (some associated with human infections)
This group will have future taxonomic changes because Tremella and other genera are not monophyletic, and changes to the rules of nomenclature require anamorph and teleomorph genera to be sorted out.
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