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  • 2019 January: finished converting existing pages to new mobile friendly layouts.

2017 January to December: I am no longer posting frequent updates to this page. The updates vary from whole new pages to minor edits and URL updates (converted to DOI links).


There are 18 Families for the Order Polyporales. At the end of 2017 I finished web pages for each family. The first family published here is the Polyporaceae in 1839. Jülich described many polypore families in 1981. Justo et al. added families in 2017. Check out who's who in these pages below, sorted by age.

  • 2014: Explored CMS options; decided on Kirby; started building site (Apr to Dec).
  • 2013 Jan to Feb: Developed site design (Tric-cali) and site structure (directories).
  • 2012: Started making content. Experimenting with a CMS.
  • 2011: Had temporary home page.
  • 2010: Domain MycoGuide.com obtained.