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Mycoflora of Chicago Region

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Workshops: North Park Village Nature Center

  • May 26, Saturday: 1 – 3 PM workshop
  • June 2, Saturday: 1 – 3 PM workshop
  • June 17, Sunday: 1 – 3 PM workshop

Download Schedule PDF. There are three 2018 workshops with Patrick and the Illinois Mycological Association. The first two have preceding forays in the morning. These events are free to IMA members and their guests. A $5 donation is suggested for non-members. Of course you are welcome to join the club at this event. For further information, see the IMA newsletter or contact Patrick at

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1st Mycoflora Foray and Workshop

Saturday, May 26th. 10 AM foray and 1 - 3 PM workshop.

The workshop will describe the goals and basics of the mycoflora project. We will start with a review of information from previous workshops and online resources. The main part will look in detail at the visible features of mushrooms, such as for the caps, gills, and stems. These features are used to key out and identify wild mushrooms. We will combine these features to learn the "stature types" of gilled mushrooms, such as amanita, pluteus, tricholoma, mycena, etc.

2nd Mycoflora Foray and Workshop

Saturday, June 2nd. 9 AM foray and 1 - 3 PM workshop.

This workshop will demonstrate how to use written keys for mushroom identification. We will use the keys by Michael Kuo: those on his website and the similar keys in his book: Michael Kuo and Andrew Methven, 2014, Mushrooms of the Midwest, University of Illinois Press. If you have the Kuo and Methven book please bring it to the workshop. You are welcome to bring fresh mushrooms you have found for identification.

3rd Mycoflora Workshop

Sunday, June 17th. 1 - 3 PM workshop.

Topic to be decided. We may cover habitats and tree identification.

For any questions email Patrick Leacock at