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The 2004 North American Mycological Association Foray

Asheville, North Carolina
July 15 - 17, 2004


This species list has 59 ascomycetes (including one lichen), 337 basidiomycetes, and 7 myxomycetes (slime molds), for a total of 403 taxa. This is a grand number considering the somewhat dry conditions and the time of year, typically, more species are found in August or September. The three previous NAMA forays in North Carolina listed about 469 taxa in 1974, 382 taxa in 1980, and 532 in 1994. Even so, 90 (26%) of the basidiomycetes and 25 (42%) of the ascomycetes recorded in 2004 were not listed on those earlier forays. The most prevalent genera were Amanita (27), Boletus (20), Lactarius (30), and Russula (25). Laccaria laccata and Pluteus cervinus remain tied for most frequently recorded species, both now listed for 34 of the annual NAMA forays.

Amanita ravenelii, photo by Jerry Sheine
NAMA Voucher 2004-347 Amanita ravenelii, photo by Jerry Sheine.

This list covers the fungi collected during the three days of the NAMA foray, including the joint foray with the Mycological Society of America. This list does not include material from the mycoblitz, which preceded NAMA. Identifications were made by 33 people. Thank you! Some specimens were later checked microscopically and names were confirmed or changed. Two dozen additional collections were identified from material saved the last day of the foray. There are 447 voucher collections preserved at the mycology herbarium of The Field Museum. Also, Andrew Miller supplied identifications for his 23 collections of pyrenomycetes and other ascomycetes. Please send additions and corrections to Patrick Leacock,

Heartfelt thanks to the members of the expanded Voucher Program Committee: Jack Murphy (chair), Patrick Leacock (data coordinator), Greg Mueller (Field Museum liason), Adele Mehta (foray recorder), Dave Lewis, Jerry Sheine, Allein Stanley, Betty Strack, Gabrielle Zeiger, and the graduate students Sean Jones, Matt Keirle, and George Mugambi, and the volunteers who gave of their time. Thanks also go to the interns, Pat Hogan, Wyatt Gaswick, Kevin Dean, research assistant Audrey Sica, and herbarium volunteer Alice Pilar, for their assistance at The Field Museum with database and specimen processing. But above all, we thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program.

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