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The 46th annual North American Mycological Association Foray

La Crosse, Wisconsin, July 21 - 24, 2005


This NAMA foray, the first in Wisconsin, explored a dozen sites in Wisconsin and adjacent Minnesota, including upland and lowland hardwoods (oak, hickory, aspen, cottonwood, maple, elm, walnut, planted conifers), an amercian chestnut forest, and a relic northern hardwood forest with old-growth white pine, hemlock, and yellow birch. There are 486 voucher collections preserved from the foray. Duplicate specimens were saved from the chestnut forest and other research sites and Jon Palmer (UW-La Crosse) utilized some for DNA analysis ( Identifications were made by 34 people. Thank you! Some specimens were later checked microscopically and names were confirmed or changed. Several collections remain to be identified from material saved the last day of the foray.

The resulting species list has 96 ascomycetes (including 55 lichens), 217 basidiomycetes, and 9 myxomycetes (slime molds), for a total of 322 taxa (species and varieties). This is a good number considering the very dry conditions prior to the foray, which had prompted Tom Volk to ask participants to bring fungi with them to the foray. Twenty of these collections were saved for the herbarium. Twelve of these are of species not recorded at the foray itself and are listed at the end of the species list. Likely due to dry weather, the mycorrhizal fungi were not as common. This year the most diverse genera were Marasmius (13) and Russula (13).

Heartfelt thanks to the members of the Voucher Program Committee: Patrick Leacock (chair), Dave Lewis, Adele Mehta (recorder), Gregory Mueller (Field Museum liason), Jerry Sheine (photographer), Allein Stanley, Betty Strack, Gabrielle Zeiger, and the graduate students Vince Hustad, Matt Keirle, Wyatt Gaswick, and the volunteers who gave of their time. We thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program. Thanks also go to Field Museum mycology interns, Wyatt Gaswick, Gregory Kaufman, Katherine Lauer, research assistant Audrey Sica, and volunteer Alice Pilar, for their databasing, boxing, and labeling work in the herbarium. The NAMA 2005 specimens have been accessioned into the permanent collection.

Report submitted by Patrick Leacock, Botany Department, The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois 60605