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The 2006 North American Mycological Association Foray

Hinton Training Centre, Alberta
August 17 - 20, 2006


The 47th annual North American Mycological Association foray, the first in Alberta, was held at the Hinton Training Centre on August 17 - 20, 2006. Participants explored many sites around Hinton, Switzer Provincial Park, Jasper National Park, and Obed Lake Provincial Park, including various mixed boreal stands of spruce, aspen, and pine, and also alpine krumholz stands; elevations ranged from 990 to 2100 meters. The resulting species list has 28 ascomycetes (8 lichens), 232 basidiomycetes, and 2 myxomycetes (slime molds), for a total of 262 taxa (species, varieties, and some identified only to genus). The most diverse genera were Cortinarius (15), Russula (13), Tricholoma (12), and Ramaria (11).

There are 289 voucher collections preserved from the foray. Identifications were made by 15 people at the foray, including Cathy Cripps, Leonard Hutchison, Steven Trudell, Michael Beug, Paul Kroeger, and Sharmin Gamiet. Thank you! At the Field Museum: Several specimens were later redetermined by Patrick Leacock, the Laccaria collections were redetermined by Gregory Mueller, and 8 lichen collections saved from the foray by the recorder were identified by Thorsten Lumbsch .

Heartfelt thanks to the members of the Voucher Program Committee at the foray: Adele Mehta (recorder), Allein Stanley, Dave Lewis, and photographers: Michael Wood, Noah Siegel, John Plischke; and the volunteers who gave of their time including Hope Miller and Judith McCandless. Special thanks to Melanie and Martin Osis and Markus Thormann for room setup, supplies, setting up the computers, and shipping specimens back to the museum.

We thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program. Thanks also go to Field Museum mycology volunteer Alice Pilar for boxing specimens in the herbarium. The NAMA 2006 specimens will be accessioned into the permanent collection.

Submitted by Patrick Leacock, NAMA Voucher Project [ ]