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The 2007 North American Mycological Association Foray

Pipestem Resort State Park, Athens, West Virginia
August 16 19, 2007


The 48th annual North American Mycological Association foray was held at Pipestem Resort State Park, West Virginia, on August 16 19, 2007, and organized by the NAMA foray committee. There have been two previous NAMA forays in West Virginia, 1977 and 1985. Participants explored a dozen state parks and other preserves in southwestern West Virginia. The upland and bottomland forests were made of various combinations of white oak, red oak, white pine, hemlock, sugar maple, tulip poplar, rhododendron, beech, and hickory, with lesser occurrences of birch, blueberry, chestnut oak, scarlet oak, sycamore, Virginia pine, sourwood, and cedar.

The resulting species list has 326 taxa (species, varieties, and some identified only to genus) comprised of 65 ascomycetes (16 lichens), 242 basidiomycetes, 1 chytridiomycetes, 2 zygomycetes, and 16 myxomycetes (slime molds). The most diverse genera were Amanita (22), Russula (20), Lactarius (14), Boletus (10), and Hypomyces (10). There are 367 voucher collections preserved from the foray. Identifications were made by 27 people at the foray: special thanks to Principal Mycologist William C. Roody, Walter E. Sturgeon, and John R. Plischke III, as well as Thomas J. Volk, Dorothy C. Smullen (lichens and others), Susan Hopkins, Donna Mitchell, Sang W. Park (myxomycetes), and the other mycologists. Several specimens were later determined by Patrick Leacock and Wyatt Gaswick at The Field Museum. Patrick offers much thanks to Adele Mehta (recorder), NAMA sponsored graduate students Wyatt Gaswick, University of Illinois at Chicago, Matthew Kierle, University of Chicago, Andrew M. Minnis, Southern Illinois University. Also much thanks to Jerry Sheine for help with photography, and the other volunteers who gave of their time. Special thanks to Donna Mitchell for obtaining permits and compiling site information. Donna reports that six of these species are new state records for West Virginia.

We thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program. Thanks also go to mycology volunteer Alice Pilar and our summer interns for processing specimens in the herbarium. The NAMA 2007 specimens are accessioned into the permanent herbarium collection at the Field Museum of Natural History (F).

Submitted by Patrick Leacock, NAMA Voucher Collection Project [ ]