Chicago Region 1926–1993

There are more than 900 collections at the Field Museum of Natural History for the Chicago Region, 1926–1993. Collectors include M. C. B. Stifler, A. E. Edgecombe, V. O. Graham, F. B. Lukas, P. Ponce de León, and R. Singer.

Verne Ovid Graham

Verne Ovid Graham worked in the region and published two works. His 59 collections at The Field Museum date from 1940 to 1947. There are at least 27 of his other collections online at from six herbaria. Some of these are from the Chicago area. Graham produced two works for the Midwest.

  • V. O. Graham. 1927. Ecology of Fungi in the Chicago Region. Botanical Gazette 83(3): 267-287, The University of Chicago Press. [Free PDF or read online at]
  • V. O. Graham. 1933, Mushrooms of the Chicago Region, Chicago Academy of Sciences Program of Activities 4: 42-63. ... about one hundred out of over seven hundred mushrooms found in the Chicago area are listed here.
  • V. O. Graham. 1944, Mushrooms of the Great lakes region: the fleshy, leathery, and woody fungi of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and the southern half of Wisconsin and of Michigan, The Chicago Academy of Sciences and the Chicago Natural History Museum, Special publication no. 5. 390 pages, 49 plates.

Rolf Singer

Patricio Ponce de León

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