Maps for Morels and False Morels

Chicago Region map shows location of Illinois Counties: 
1. Cook
2. DeKalb
3. DuPage
4. Kane 
5. Kankakee 
6. Kendall 
7. Lake 
8. McHenry 
9. Will 
; and 
Indiana Counties:
10. Lake
11. LaPorte
12. Porter

See our video on morels and false morels. These maps are based on herbarium collections and recent research. Some of these records can be found in the Field Museum Collections Database. You can help add new distribution records for the Chicago Region. Links for species names lead to descriptions on Michael Kuo's website.

True Morels

Common yellow morel, Morchella americana, also known as Morchella esculentoides. Previously used names include Morchella esculenta (separate species in Europe), Morchella crassipes (synonym), and Morchella deliciosa (separate species in Europe).
Common eastern black morel, Morchella angusticeps. Previously used names include Morchella elata (separate species in Europe, possibly in North America).
Eastern half-free morel, Morchella punctipes. Previously used names include Morchella semilibera (separate species in Europe).
Diminutive morel, Morchella diminutiva. One record from Porter County, Indiana, and a possible record for Cook County, Illinois.

False Morels

Verpa is poorly documented. There are two species of early false morels or thimble-caps. Verpa bohemica, wrinkled thimble-cap, has only one collection from Cook County. Verpa conica has only one collection from Will County.
Gyromitra, false morels, are also poorly documented. There are four species. Gyromitra brunnea in Cook, McHenry, and Will Counties of Illinois and Lake County of Indiana. Gyromitra caroliniana in Cook County. Gyromitra infula in Cook County (1966). Gyromitra korfii in Cook County.

Here are morels and false morels to look for that are not yet known for the Chicago area.

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