Family Tuberaceae Dumort.

[true truffles]

This family contains 6 genera. Classification follows Lumbsch and Huhndorf (2010).

  1. Choiromyces
  2. Dingleya
  3. Labyrinthomyces
  4. Paradoxa
  5. Reddelomyces
  6. Tuber

Taxon Details and Links

  • Tuberaceae Dumort., Commentationes botanicae: 69, 79 (1822). Type: Tuber P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg. 1780.
This family appears related to the Helvellaceae according to O'Donnell et al. (1997).
Lumbsch, H.T. & S.H. Huhndorf. 2010. Myconet Volume 14. Part One. Outline of Ascomycota—2009. Part Two. Notes on Ascomycete Systematics. Nos. 4751–5113. Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences Number 1:1-64. PDF 1.13 MB
O'Donnell, K., E. Cigelnik, N.S. Weber and J.M. Trappe. 1997. Phylogenetic Relationships among Ascomycetous Truffles and the True and False Morels Inferred from 18S and 28S Ribosomal DNA Sequence Analysis. Mycologia 89: 48-65. DOI: 10.2307/3761172
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