Family Boliniaceae Rick

This order has one family with six genera, though what has been included in this family has changed over time. The obvious macrofungus in this family is Camarops, which is occasionally found in the Chicago Region.

  1. Apiocamarops (California, Puerto Rico)
  2. Camaropella (North Carolina)
  3. Camarops (includes Peridoxylon; Eastern North America)
  4. Cornipulvina (Puerto Rico)
  5. Endoxyla (widespread)
  6. Mollicamarops (described from Russia)

Taxon Details and Links

  • Boliniaceae Rick, Brotéria Série Botânica 25 (2): 65 (1931). Type: Bolinia (Nitschke) Sacc. 1882.
The genus Bolinia was combined into the older genus Camarops.
Endoxyla is also a genus of cryptic moth. One species surprisingly appears to mimic wood with black fungal stroma(?): Wikipedia, Endoxyla (moth).
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