Camarops petersii

Camarops petersii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Nannf.

dog's nose fungus (Hodge), black licorice drops (Volk), dead man's tongue (Shernoff).
Epithet = named after Judge Thomas M. Peters, Alabama. Genus = arched-like.
Rounded cushion-shaped (pulvinate) to more raised with a tapered base (turbinate). When young covered with a brown veil that often leaves a collar around the margin. Surface shiny and with pimples. Stroma (flesh) with embedded perithicia (spore-producing chambers) at different depths and with long necks. The spores are exuded out into a black slime.
Similar species
This is the only species here with a veil and where the fruitbody is raised to this extent above the wood surface to becoming turbinate (shaped like a top). Camarops ohiensis is flatter cushion-shaped (pulvinate) and lacks the veil.
Saprobe on decorticated (barkless) hardwood logs, such as oak and elm. Eastern historic records are on American chestnut.
For Chicago Region found July to November; found once in May.
Eastern North America west to Kansas, Cuba and Asia (Japan, Russia, and the Far East). Possibly Brazil.
Chicago Region status
Previously rare (3 observations for 1995, 1996; none for 1997–2002), now uncommon and sometimes found once or twice per year. Found three times in 2015. There are no apparent historic collections for Illinois prior to 1975.
Specimens examined
We have 22 collections from 1995–2015.

Taxon Details and Links

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  • ≡ Basionym: Hypoxylon petersii Berk. & M.A. Curtis, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 10: 384 (1869)
  • Peridoxylon petersii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Shear, Mycologia 15 (3): 129 (1923)
  • Bolinia petersii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Lloyd, Mycological Writings 7 (Letter 72): 1283 (1924)
  • Numulariola petersii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) P.M.D. Martin, South African Journal of Botany 42 (1): 78 (1976)
Original description by Berkeley and Curtis based on two specimens: one collected in Cuba by Ch. Wright, and one collected in Alabama by Judge Thomas M. Peters. Some mycologists accept the second specimen as the type because the species was named after Judge Peters.
The distinctive veil that covers young specimens led Shear to place the species in its own genus, Peridoxylon, but DNA phylogenetic evidence does not support this separation. Nannfeldt (1972) says As it has been much confused with the completely forgotten C. ohiensis, all records need confirmation. There are seven records on MyCoPortal.
Gary Emberger
Michael Kuo
Kathie Hodge, Cornell Mushroom Blog, 2007
Andrew Khitsun, Wisconsin
Nannfeldt, J.A. 1972. Camarops Karst. (Sphaeriales-Boliniaceae), with Special Regard to its European Species. Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift 66(4): 335-376 (AscoFrance PDF)
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