Family Hypocreaceae De Not.

This family has a dozen genera. Classification follows Lumbsch and Huhndorf (2010), with recent comments in brackets (Jaklitsch, Lechat and Voglmayr 2014). The number of macrofungal species known for Chicago Region are listed below after the genus names.

  1. Aphysiostroma [possibly part of Trichoderma]
  2. Arachnocrea
  3. Dialhypocrea [might belong to Trichoderma]
  4. Hypocrea [may become Trichoderma] (possibly 8 species in Chicago Region)
  5. Hypocreopsis
  6. Hypomyces (9 species in Chicago Region)
  7. Protocrea
  8. Pseudohypocrea [might belong to Trichoderma]
  9. Rogersonia
  10. Sarawakus [now part of Trichoderma]
  11. Sphaerostilbella
  12. Sporophagomyces (1 species in Chicago Region)
  13. ?Syspastospora

Taxon Details and Links

  • Hypocreaceae De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 2(1): 48 (1844). Type: Hypocrea Fr. 1825.
Following recent changes to the rules of nomenclature, One Fungus, One Name, there may be name changes regarding teleomorph and anamorph names. The anamorph name Trichoderma is favored by some over the teleomorph name Hypocrea (see ISTH link below).
Cladobotryum, Mycogone, Sepedonium, Sibirina, and Stephanoma are anamorphs of Hypomyces. Gliocladium Corda in the strict sense is an anamorph of Sphaerostilbella. Chromocrea, Creopus, Podocrea, and Podostroma were merged back into Hypocrea.
Index Fungorum editorial comment for Hypocreaceae: De Notaris's name may have only been intended as a tribe, first definitely used as a family by Nitschke, Verh. naturhist. Ver. preuss. Rheinl. 26: 73 (1869).
Regarding the genus Sarawakus and discussion of Trichoderma see: Jaklitsch, Lechat and Voglmayr. 2014. The rise and fall of Sarawakus (Hypocreaceae, Ascomycota). Mycologia 106(1): 133-144. DOI: 10.3852/13-117
Which generic name you prefer: Trichoderma or Hypocrea?: International Subcommission on Trichoderma and Hypocrea (ISTH)
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