Order Auriculariales J. Schröt.

[one of 5 groups of jelly fungi]

This order contains many genera and the family limits are unsettled. Most of these are jelly fungi with variously septate basidia (at least one genus non-septate). Not all genera are listed below.

  1. Aporpiaceae (Aporpium)
  2. Auriculariaceae (Auricularia, Eichleriella, Exidia, Exidiopsis, Heterochaete, Hirneolina, Tremellochaete)
  3. Heteroscyphaceae (Heteroscypha)
  4. Hyaloriaceae (Hyaloria, Myxarium)
  5. Oliveoniaceae (Oliveonia, Sebacinella)
  6. Unplaced: Amphistereum, Basidiodendron, Bourdotia, Ductifera, Elmerina, Guepinia, Heteroradulum, Protomerulius, Pseudohydnum, Sclerotrema, Stypella

Taxon Details and Links

  • Auriculariales J. Schröt., Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien: 382 (1897). Type: Auricularia Bull. 1780.
Auricularia has transversely septate basidia. Ductifera and Exidia have longitudinally septate basidia. Myxarium was resurrected out of Exidia. The family Auriculariaceae includes Exidiaceae and may be expanded to include the Aporpiaceae as well. Several other clades (one including Ductifera) lack family names.
Tremellodendropsis, with basidia that are partially and secondarily longitudinally septate, has been moved to its own order Tremellodendropsidales.
Tree of Life (2008)
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