Order Corticiales K.H. Larss.

[some crusts and relatives]

Equivalent to Vuilleminiales Boidin et al. 1998 and the corticioid clade (Binder et al. 2005; Larsson et al. 2004).

Mostly white rot saprobes on hardwoods. A few are plant pathogens or odd parasites on lichens. This is a recently defined group (2007) but is only a much reduced portion of the old concept of the family Corticiaceae and other corticioid or crust-like fungi. The various corticioids (and old names such as in Corticium and Dendrothele) are found in many different Orders because this is in some ways a reduced growth form. The type species for Corticium is here but the type species for Dendrothele is in the Agaricales near Lachnella and Cyphellopsis. Genera not known for the Chicago Region are not listed below. For more on these fungi see links below.

  1. Corticiaceae (Corticium in strict sense, "Dendrothele" in part, Mutatoderma)
  2. Punctulariaceae (Dendrocorticium, Punctularia)
  3. Vuilleminiaceae (Cytidia)

Taxon Details and Links

  • Corticiales K.H. Larss., in Hibbett et al., Mycological Research 111 (5): 540 (2007). Type: Corticium Pers. 1794.
The Corticiales consists of one family or three families and approximately 34 genera worldwide. Ginns (1998) uses these three families and Ghobad-Nejhad et al. (2010) show phylogenetic support for their separation. But some authors, Index Fungorum, and Mycobank classify these genera under the Corticiaceae.
Tree of Life (2004)
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Index Fungorum

Compare Index Fungorum and Mycobank.

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