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In 1958 Talbot proposed that Punctularia may need its own family. Donk created this family in 1964 but it was not accepted initially. The family was recognized by Binder et al. (2005) but was not mentioned by Hibbet et al. (2007) when the Order Corticiales was created. Later DNA analysis confirmed the family can be separated from the Corticiaceae (see Ghobad-Nejhad et al. 2010). The family contains three genera; two are (widespread).

  1. Dendrocorticium
  2. Punctularia, P. strigosozonata
  3. Punctulariopsis (South America, Africa)

Taxon Details and Links

  • Punctulariaceae Donk, Persoonia 3 (2): 287 (1964). Type: Punctularia Pat. 1895.
Some authors, as well as Index Fungorum and Mycobank, do not accept this family but put Dendrocorticium and Punctularia in the Corticiaceae.
Wikipedia: Punctulariaceae
Donk, M. A. 1964. A conspectus of the families of Aphyllophorales. Persoonia. 3(2):199-324. PDF available on MykoWeb [18.5 MB PDF]
Ghobad-Nejhad, M., R. H. Nilsson, N. Hallenberg. 2010. Phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Vuilleminia (Basidiomycota) based on molecular and morphological evidence, with new insights into Corticiales. Taxon 59(5): 1519-1534.
Index Fungorum

Compare Index Fungorum and Mycobank.

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