Family Geastraceae Corda

[earthstars and allies]

This family is dominated by the earthstars in Geastrum. The other genera consist of one or a few species. In the Chicago Region we have 9 species of Geastrum and the unusual Myriostoma coliforme.

  1. Geasteroides texensis (Texas)
  2. Geastrum (many species)
  3. Mesophelliopsis pernambucensis (Brazil)
  4. Myriostoma coliforme (worldwide)
  5. Nidulariopsis (2 species)
  6. Phialastrum barbatum (Europe)
  7. Pyrenogaster (Pyrenogastraceae)
  8. Radiigera (western North America)

Taxon Details and Links

  • Geastraceae Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 5: 25 (1842). Type: Geastrum Pers. 1794.
The genera Schenella and Sphaerobolus have been moved out to their own families.
Trial field key to the Lycoperdaceae & Geastraceae in the Pacific Northwest. 2003. Pacific Northwest Key Council
P. Ponce de Leon. 1968. A revision of the family Geastraceae. Fieldiana Botany Volume 31, Number 14. DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.2389 [Text file at]
R. Henrik Nilssonb and E. Larssonb. 2013. European earthstars in Geastraceae (Geastrales, Phallomycetidae) – a systematic approach using morphology and molecular sequence data. Systematics and Biodiversity 11: 437-465. DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2013.857367
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