Order Gloeophyllales Thorn

[various brown rot fungi]

This recently described order contains one family and seven genera. The members of this group are brown rot wood decayers. The exception is Boreostereum, which is suspected to produce a white rot. Boreostereum radiatum is basal to the family and at one time placed in its own family Boreostereaceae Jülich (1981). For the recent phylogeny of the group see Garcia-Sandoval et al. (2011). Donkioporia is now excluded from the order and placed in the core polypore clade near Ganoderma.

  1. Gloeophyllaceae

Taxon Details and Links

  • Gloeophyllales Thorn, in Hibbett et al., Mycological Research 111(5): 540 (2007) Type: Gloeophyllum P. Karst. 1882.
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Tree of Life (2007)
Garcia-Sandoval R., Z. Wang, M. Binder, D. S. Hibbett. 2011. Molecular phylogenetics of the Gloeophyllales and relative ages of clades of Agaricomycotina producing a brown rot. Mycologia 103(3): 510-524. DOI: 10.3852/10-209 [PDF listed under 2010 at Hibbett Lab Publications.]
Hibbett, D. S., R. Bauer, M. Binder, A.J. Giachini, K. Hosaka, A. Justo, E. Larsson, K.H. Larsson, J.D. Lawrey, O. Miettinen, L. Nagy, R.H. Nilsson, M. Weiss, R.G. Thorn. 2014. Agaricomycetes. Pp. 373–429 In: Systematics and Evolution, Second Edition, The Mycota VII Part A. (D. J. McLaughlin and J. W. Spatafora, Eds.), Springer Verlag. [Chapter 14 and complete volume PDF at Hibbett Lab Publications.]
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