Order Jaapiales Manfr. Binder, K.H. Larss. & Hibbett

This is a small order with two known species.

  1. Jaapiaceae

Taxon Details and Links

  • Jaapiales Manfr. Binder, K.H. Larss. & Hibbett, Mycologia 102 (4): 871 (2010). Type: Jaapia Bres. 1911.
Previously placed in the Boletales but then shown by Binder et al. (2010) to be basal to the Agaricomycetidae (containing clades of Boletales-Atheliales and Agaricales-Amylocorticiales). But later Hibbett et al. (2014) state that Jaapiales is further removed and placed with Gloeophyllales and Corticiales.
Binder, M., K-H. Larsson, P. B. Matheny, D. S. Hibbett. 2010. Amylocorticiales ord. nov. and Jaapiales ord. nov.: Early diverging clades of Agaricomycetidae dominated by corticioid forms. Mycologia 102 (4): 865-880. DOI: 10.3852/09-288
Hibbett, D. S., R. Bauer, M. Binder, A.J. Giachini, K. Hosaka, A. Justo, E. Larsson, K.H. Larsson, J.D. Lawrey, O. Miettinen, L. Nagy, R.H. Nilsson, M. Weiss, and R.G. Thorn. 2014. Agaricomycetes. Pp. 373–429 In: Systematics and Evolution, Second Edition, The Mycota VII Part A. (D. J. McLaughlin and J. W. Spatafora, Eds.), Springer Verlag. [Chapter 14 and complete volume PDF at Hibbett Lab Publications.]
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