Genus Antrodia P. Karst.

[a polyphyletic group]

Gilbertson and Ryvarden (1986) describe 20 species of Antrodia for North America. They restrict the genus to ones causing a brown rot. Characters for the genus include generative hyphae with clamps, skeletal hyphae (dimitic hyphal system), and spores that are hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, non-amyloid, and cylindrical to oblong ellipsoid. There has been much morphological and phylogenetic work done since then and this group is dispersed across many genera.

This group is poorly known for the Chicago Region. We are just beginning to determine which species are present. I have been calling some of them waterfall polypore for the way the pores cascade down the wood surface. Some of the species likely to be here on hardwood, based on the literature and collections are A. favescens, A. heteromorpha, plus Antrodia malicola and A. serialis have 1900-1918 Chicago Region collections at UC and NY. But A. serialis in the strict sense is apparently absent from North America (Spirin et al. 2017).

Antrodia sensu stricto

  1. Antrodia favescens, North America.
  2. Antrodia heteromorpha, North America, Eurasia (A. albida).
  3. Antrodia macra, Europe.
  4. Antrodia mappa, boreal North America, Europe (Oligoporus mappus).
  5. Antrodia serpens, Europe.
  6. Antrodia tanakai, Eurasia.
  7. several undescribed tropical species.

Antrodia sensu lato

  • A. malicola group (Spirin et al. 2016). Audet (2017) placed these in Brunneoporus.
    1. Antrodia cyclopis, New Guinea.
    2. Antrodia kuzyana, Europe (syn. A. submalicola).
    3. Antrodia malicola, North America, Eastern Europe, East Asia.
    4. Antrodia minuta, Europe, Russia.
    5. Antrodia tuvensis, Central Russia.
  • A. serialis group (Spirin, Miettinen et al. 2013, Spirin pers.comm. 2018). Audet (2017) placed some of these in Neoantrodia.
    1. Antrodia alaskana, Alaska, Washington.
    2. Antrodia angusta, Russia, NE China.
    3. Antrodia calcitrosa, Washington USA, Yukon.
    4. Antrodia flavimontis, American Northwest, Wyoming, Utah.
    5. Antrodia infirma, Northern Europe.
    6. Antrodia kmetii, Europe
    7. Antrodia leucaena, Europe, China, Russia.
    8. Antrodia morganii, temperate North America, on Populus (as "serialis").
    9. Antrodia primaeva, North Europe, Russia.
    10. Antrodia serialiformis, eastern USA on oak logs (Type: Pennsylvania).
    11. Antrodia serialis, North America, Europe, possibly Asia.
    12. Antrodia serrata, Type: New Hampshire USA
    13. Antrodia variiformis, North America.
  • Taxa not yet placed elsewhere
    1. Antrodia macra, North Europe, Russia, China.
    2. Antrodia macrospora, Europe.
    3. Antrodia sandaliae, Italy.
    4. Antrodia taxa, Taiwan.

Other taxa with their possible disposition

  1. Antrodia albidoides, France (syn. A. macrospora, A. subalbidoides) = Dentiporus
  2. Antrodia albobrunnea, western North America, Europe = Anthoporia
  3. Antrodia alpina, northwest North America, Europe = Amyloporia s.l., Amyloporiella
  4. Antrodia bondartsevae, Russia (syn. A. wangii) = Pilatoporus 2003, but not in 2013
  5. Antrodia calceus, North America?, Europe = Amyloporia s.l.
  6. Antrodia cincta, Massachusetts USA = Resinoporia
  7. Antrodia crassa, northern North America, Europe = Amyloporia s.l., Amyloporiella, Resinoporia
  8. Antrodia cretacea, Europe, Russia, North America = Resinoporia
  9. Antrodia ferox, south and western USA = Resinoporia
  10. Antrodia hyalina, Russia, Czech Republic = Rhizoporia
  11. Antrodia ignobilis, Arizona USA = Resinoporia
  12. Antrodia juniperina, USA, East Africa = Subantrodia
  13. Antrodia ladiana, California USA = Resinoporia
  14. Antrodia mellita, North Europe = Flavidoporia
  15. Antrodia odora, North America = Skeletocutis
  16. Antrodia oleracea, USA = Amyloporiella, Antrodiopsis
  17. Antrodia piceata, Czech Republic = Resinoporia
  18. Antrodia pinea, China = Amyloporia s.l., Resinoporia
  19. Antrodia pini-cubensis, Cuba, Florida = Resinoporia
  20. Antrodia pulverulenta, France = Flavidoporia
  21. Antrodia pulvinascens, North Europe, Russia = Flavidoporia
  22. Antrodia ramentacea, Europe = Cartilosoma
  23. Antrodia rene-hentic, Europe = Cartilosoma
  24. Antrodia sordida, eastern North America = Amyloporiella, Amyloporia s.l., Resinoporia
  25. Antrodia sitchensis, North America = Amyloporia s.l., Resinoporia
  26. Antrodia uzbekistanica, Uzbekistan = Subantrodia

Taxa excluded from Antrodia and family Fomitopsidaceae

  1. Antrodia carbonica, western North America, North Africa, Himalaya Mountains = Amyloporia s.l., Lentoporia
  2. Antrodia gossypium, Argentina, circumpolar, North America = Fibroporia
  3. Antrodia radiculosa, North America = Fibroporia
  4. Antrodia sinuosa, North America, Eurasia = Amyloporia s.l., Adustoporia
  5. Antrodia stratosa = Amyloporia
  6. Antrodia vaillantii, North America, circumglobal = Fibroporia
  7. Antrodia xantha, North America, circumglobal = Amyloporia xantha, Amyloporiella flava

Taxon Details and Links

  • Antrodia P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 5: 40 (1879). Type: Polyporus serpens Fr., Observationes mycologicae 2: 265 (1818).
Molecular phylogenies (see links below) show that the genus Antrodia in the broad sense is polyphyletic. It is scattered across multiple clades in combination with other genera, such as Fomitopsis and Daedalea. A new, most restricted, sense for Antrodia centers around its type species A. serpens. The species in the A. heteromorpha group have large pores and were classified in Daedalea by Fries. The species concepts became confused over time but are now clarified in Spirin et al. (2013). Antrodia serpens is not a synonym of Antrodia albida. But they consider Antrodia albida a synonym of A. heteromorpha. The synonymy on Index Fungorum and Mycobank has not been updated to reflect this new work. Antrodia sinuosa was moved to Amyloporia sinuosa.
For photos see Collection of Polypores, Dr. Josef Vlasák.
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