Family Gelatoporiaceae Miettinen, Justo & Hibbett

[gelatoporia clade]

This new family was previously labeled as the Cinereomyces clade. It appears to be near Grifola outside the Polyporaceae. See Miettinen and Rajchenberg (2012) for details on this group. Below are the known genera and species for the family. I know of no records of these species for the Chicago area.

  1. Cinereomyces, C. dilutabilis, C. lenis, C. lindbladii, C. vulgaris
  2. Gelatoporia, G. griseoincarnata, G. subvermispora
  3. Obba, O. rivulosa, O. valdiviana
  4. Sebipora, S. aquosa

Taxon Details and Links

  • Gelatoporiaceae Miettinen, Justo & Hibbett, in Justo, Miettinen, Floudas, Ortiz-Santana, Sjökvist, Lindner, Nakasone, Niemelä, Larsson, Ryvarden & Hibbett, Fungal Biology 121(9): 820 (2017). Type: Gelatoporia Niemelä, Karstenia 25(1): 22 (1985).
Gloeoporus dichrous and Gloeoporus pannocinctus are not related to Gelatoporia.
Justo, A., O. Miettinen, D. Floudas, B. Ortiz-Santana, E. Sjökvist, D. Lindner, K. K. Nakasone, T. Niemelä, K.-H. Larsson, L. Ryvarden, D.S. Hibbett, A revised family-level classification of the Polyporales (Basidiomycota). 2017. Fungal Biology 121(9): 798-824. 10.1016/j.funbio.2017.05.010
Miettinen, O., M. Rajchenberg. 2012. Obba and Sebipora, new polypore genera related to Cinereomyces and Gelatoporia (Polyporales, Basidiomycota). Mycological Progress. 11:131-147. 10.1007/s11557-010-0736-8
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