Genus Irpex Fr.

[milk tooth polypore]

We have one widespread species here in North America.

  1. Irpex lacteus

This second list is names that have been used for Chicago Region, such as by Moffatt (1909) and Harper, and their current status.

  • Irpex ambiguus = Hyphodontia spathulata [one 1902 collection at FH and one at UC].
  • Irpex cinnamomeus = Hymenochaetopsis olivacea [common].
  • Irpex fuscescens = Hymenochaetopsis olivacea.
  • Irpex nodulosus Peck = Status unknown; assumed synonym of Irpex lacteus if not a Xylodon.
  • Irpex tabacinus = Hymenochaete odontoides [Ginns (1998): only in southern United States.]

Taxon Details and Links

  • Irpex Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 81 (1825). Type: Sistotrema lacteum Fr., Observationes mycologicae 2: 266 (1818).
I have not been able to find a phylogeny of species described as Irpex. The few papers that describe a new species of Irpex have ignored the other species described the previous decade(s). Apparently it is no longer a monotypic genus (having only one species).
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Moffatt, W. S. 1909. The Higher Fungi of the Chicago Region: Part I, The Hymenomycetes. Natural History Survey, Bulletin No. VII, Part I. Chicago Academy of Sciences. 156 pp., 24 plates. 10.5962/bhl.title.3605 [Read Part 1 online at Biodiversity Library; Part 2 not found]
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