Raduliporus aneirinus

Raduliporus aneirinus (Sommerf.) Spirin & Zmitr.

[Ceriporiopsis aneirina, Poria serena]

a porecrust.
Epithet = pertaining to Aneir (=?). Genus = scraper - pores.
Similar species
White rot of dead hardwoods. Primarily on dead, fallen aspen, Populus, rarely on other hardwoods.
Recorded in May, June, July for Illinois.
Throughout Canada and United States with Populus.
Chicago Region status
Not recorded since 1908. There are no records for Illinois other than those from 1903, 1908. There are recent collections by Dan Lindner in Minnesota. There is a 1973 collection for Wisconsin. No collections for Michigan after 1957. No collections for Indiana at all.
This species, as Poria serena, was listed in Moffatt (1909) but there are no collections at the Field Museum (F) for this species from anywhere. The five historic collections by Harper and Moffatt from Illinois and Wisconsin, 1903 and 1908, were distributed to seven other herbaria: FH, FLAS, MICH, MIN, PH, TENN, UC. The UC herbarium labels were printed here, stating: From the Cryptogamic Herbarium, Chicago Natural History Museum. These collections were originally labeled as Poria serena and are now filed under Poria serena, Trametes serena, and Ceriporiopsis aneirina. (Data from MyCoPortal):
  • W.S. Moffatt, 30 May 1903. Glencoe, Illinois, on under side of log.
  • E.T. Harper, June 1903, Glencoe, Illinois, on poplar.
  • E.T. Harper, July 1908, Shabbona Grove, Illinois; Det. Lee Bonar = Ceriporiopsis aneirina.
  • E.T. Harper, May 1908, Port Byron, Illinois, on poplar.
  • E.T. Harper, July 1903, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on white oak.
Specimens examined
W.S. Moffatt. The Higher Fungi of the Chicago Region (1909, p. 122).
Poria serena Karst.
Broadly effused, immarginate, adnate, arising from a byssine, at length evanescent mycelium which creeps over the matrix, white, yellowish when dried.
Pores rather large, round or angulate, at length flexuous, sublabyrinthine, 1 to 4 mm. long.
Under side of log, Glencoe. May. Harper and Moffatt. On a stump in woods at Glen Ellyn, October.

Taxon Details and Links

  • Raduliporus aneirinus (Sommerf.) Spirin & Zmitr., Mycena 6: 24 (2006)
  • ≡ Basionym: Polyporus aneirinus Sommerf., Supplementum florae lapponicae: 278 (1826)
  • ≡ Sanctioned: Polyporus aneirinus Sommerf. : Fr., Elench. Fung. 1: 122 (1828)
  • Ceriporiopsis aneirina (Sommerf.) Domanski, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 32: 732 (1963)
  • Radulodon aneirinus (Sommerf.) Spirin, Mycena 1 (1): 69 (2001)
  • = Antrodia serena P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 6: 10 (1881)
    • Trametes serena (P. Karst.) Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 6: 356 (1888)
    • Poria serena (P. Karst.) Bres., Atti Imp. Regia Accad. Rovereto, ser. 3 3(1): 80 (1897)
  • = Poria fulvescens Bres., Atti dell´Istituto Reale dell´Accademia di Rovereto di Scienze 3: 81 (1897)
? perhaps Lapland.
See the genus page for discussion of the genus. This species has also been combined into Physisporus, Caloporia and Tyromyces.
See descriptions on MycoBank (below)
Moffatt, W. S. 1909. The Higher Fungi of the Chicago Region: Part I, The Hymenomycetes. Natural History Survey, Bulletin No. VII, Part I. Chicago Academy of Sciences. 156 pp., 24 plates. 10.5962/bhl.title.3605 [Read Part 1 online at Biodiversity Library; Part 2 not found]
Zmitrovich I.V., V.F. Malysheva, W.A. Spirin. 2006. A new morphological arrangement of the Polyporales. I. Phanerochaetineae. Mycena 6: 4–56. UDC 582.287.23:001.4.
iNaturalist, as Ceriporiopsis aneirina
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MyCoPortal (synonyms not linked): Ceriporiopsis aneirina, Poria serena
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